Top VPN Services

You have probably heard about a virtual private network (VPN) by now if you’ve been looking for secure ways to access the internet. For people who regularly travel; VPNs not only provide access to websites blocked in the said countries, but they ensure the information sent or received is secure. Encrypted channels are used to access information and also guarantee that it is not intercepted. You will be accessing the internet and other networks as a ghost with no footprint left. So what are some of the best and most secure VPNs in the market? Here is a list we have prepared just for you.



Operational since 2007, this Hong Kong based VPN is available in over 140 countries and has over 500 servers located mostly in the US, UK and Canada. PureVPN preserves internet freedom by bypassing blocks and filters that censor accessibility to the website you want to use. Safety is also guaranteed as your anonymity is maintained. Visit PureVPN


Hide My Ass

Well, it does just that, hide your ass from third parties that want to peek at your browsing history. This UK based VPN is great at accessing restricted content and one can quickly access the servers from any operating system. The security of this VPN is top notch, but they keep logs of activity to deter criminals from using it to commit cybercrime, subscription fee is also low. Visit Hide My Ass


Golden Frog

This VPN has a really friendly user dashboard which you log into and it hides your IP address thus protecting your identity and location while browsing online. With access to most of the restricted sites and with over 700 servers in 52 locations; a subscription to this service will allow you to access your account with up two devices at the same time. Visit Golden Frog


Private Internet Access

It has multiple payment options, advanced encryption features and a 24hr customer support via live chat to answer all queries regarding its use. Your location and identity is rerouted by over 2000 servers that change your IP address into non detectable cycles. The unique feature of this VPN is the unlimited bandwidth that subscribers enjoy. Visit Private Internet Access


IP Vanish

If you are looking for superior VPN services, then this is for you; easy setup, secure even in public WI-Fi and it lets you surf anonymously. The connectivity is also fast and reliable supported by close to 200 servers that re-route IP addresses, they also support mobile connectivity. Visit IP Vanish



A strong anti censorship open source network that will set you back only $5 a month. Anonymity is a top priority for this VPN and it offers solid connections, reliability and speed. Based in Italy it has surely made its name in the private networks market with its transparency and no logs for browsing history. Visit Air VPN


Avast! Secureline

Secureline is a virtual private network that provides secure access to the internet when using an unsecured WI-Fi hotspot. At $45 for a year’s subscription when on a PC and $15 for mobile devices; it is affordable, but only offers a certain degree of anonymity. It comes as an add-on for the antivirus software and the charges are for premium services. Visit Avast! Secureline



Operational since 2003, it is one of the cheapest amongst big VPN providers and offers a high quality experience to the user via a user friendly dashboard. With over 95 servers in 63 locations worldwide and an auto reconnect feature, they offer decent proxy services that protect your privacy always. Visit IB VPN



For $4 per month you get: up to 6 simultaneous connections, high speed bandwidth supported by over 550 servers in 49 countries, bit encryption, an automatic kill switch and a money back guarantee of 30 days if the services offered do not meet your requirements. Visit NordVPN



A dedicated VPN that seals all loopholes that can lead to an IP leak; it offers safe, reliable and fast anonymous internet access since 2009 when it began operations. It was at first solely for Mac operating system, but they have now extended their services to Windows and Android users. Visit IVPN


Cyber Ghost

As the name suggests; you get anonymous surfing and access to sites blocked by proxies or firewalls. There are free and paid services which guaranteed total privacy and it is easy to setup and configure to any user. For customer support, there is a live chat feature that is operational at all times. Cyber ghost services are worldwide and their servers are scattered in many countries. Visit Cyber Ghost


VPN One Click

Want to browse incognito using an affordable lightning fast connection? Then this is the recommended VPN. Your data will always be encrypted and no one can snoop and hack into your sessions. Visit VPN One Click



This VPN ranks highly when it comes to usability, multiple connections from up two locations are allowed for the same account. It is also cheap and has a referral system which further reduces the charges. Kepard has 15 powerful servers in 9 countries that offer fast anonymous web browsing to its clients. Visit Kepard


Hide Me

With a wide network of highly secure servers supported by all the mainstream protocols; they offer great speeds and excellent bandwidth to its premium subscribers. They are located in Malaysia because there are no laws regarding data logging making all sessions safe and secure. Visit Hide Me



A reliable, secure VPN that has low monthly rates and has unlimited bandwidth. There is an active anonymous community and round the clock customer service to ensure all sessions run smoothly. Visit Witopia



This VPN is unique in that you get to choose the decoy location where your IP will appear to come from. Rather than redirect IPs through multiple users; a user in the US can select the UK to be where his computer’s signal seems to appear from. It is also fast and offers up to 5 simultaneous connections all which can appear to come from different locations. Visit Hide IP VPN


VPN 4 All

Based in Seychelles, VPN 4 All is a tier 3 secure global server network that serves Windows, Mac and Android devices. There are three plans, one is free and capped at 50GB, the other is unlimited while the third focuses on mobile devices. The unlimited package is specifically set up for movie junkies and they also offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee as a testimony to their efficiency. Visit VPN 4 All


Hotspot Shield

If you us public WI-Fi hotspots or you regularly travel to new destinations and access the internet then this VPN was tailor made for you. You get secure internet and your privacy is protected even in a public network. All your data cannot be accessed because your IP address is changed and routed to a different location. The pricing is also very affordable and there is a mobile plan that is free for a limited duration of time. Visit Hotspot Shield


Express VPN

They pride themselves in being the world’s fastest VPN, well, that is debatable, but the speed are really good. All your data and online transactions are encrypted and your IP address hidden from potential threats. With a 24/7 live chat support; all your queries and hitches will be addressed. There is no free trial as with other VPN providers, but you get a 30 day money back guarantee if the service doesn’t please you. Visit Express VPN


Earth VPN

Accessible from anywhere in the world; this VPN aims at offering fast, secure and reliable services which anyone can afford. When you use Earth VPN you are automatically assigned a new IP address that replaces yours. For avid TV lovers; you can watch your favorite shows from channels anonymously. The website is professional and secure and allows you to pay anonymously for services via Bitcoin. Visit Earth VPN



Being one of the pioneers in the virtual private network business and based in the US; Anonymizer offers protection of up to 6 devices at a go on one account an doesn’t keep activity logs. It is only located in the US and randomly replaces IP addresses and rotates them for more security and anonymity. There is a 14 day trial period for new customers and a generous 45 day money back guarantee afterwards. Visit Anonymizer



This is another popular VPN that gives access to sites restricted in any location in the world. They are innovative and have servers in over 48 countries and their service is competitively priced despite them being one of the most efficient and user friendly VPNs available currently. Visit Overplay



One of the most dynamic in the market with over 1200 servers in more than 40 countries; TorGuard is based in the West Indies and offers support to multi platform operating systems. It supports torrenting and privacy and encryption to basic and advanced uses. Visit TorGuard


Iron Socket

In operation since 2005; it has become a reliable and well managed VPN service that lets you access the internet freely and securely for as little as $6.99 per month. There are 53 servers in 36 countries which are managed via the latest protocols and have the highest level of encryption that safeguard your privacy. Visit Iron Socket


Unblock US

Ever tried to access an entertainment website only to be told that the service isn’t available in your country? This VPN not only protects your identity, it also gives you access restricted by geographical or copyright reasons. There is no software installation, just access the website, log in and get to use your favorite websites. It is capable of unblocking 180+ channels including Netflix, Hulu, MLS and many others. Visit Unblock US



Based in San Francisco and with servers in 4 key locations; this VPN allows you to hide your identity and IP address online and secure all your data. They have a premium and free package and it is easy to install and use. With support for mobile devices, you can access it from anywhere in the world. Visit Pro XPN


BT Guard

If you love torrents then this is the perfect tool for anonymity, there is zero risk of identity disclosure when using this VPN an you can download an unlimited amount of data as a ghost. There are no logs of activity kept so once you are through with the service then nothing ever happened. For less than $10, this VPN is perfect for heavy torrent users. Visit BT Guard



With over 100 servers in Sweden, this VPN protects data through encryption and is safe for transferring sensitive files. It supports both Windows and Mac OS while support for Android is currently a work in progress. There are no lags and it has a simple interface to help you browse but underneath it is a sophisticated security system. Visit iPredator


Strong VPN

This VPN is surely strong and reliable. Whenever you are online; your identity and history is safe while no third party can hack into your system because a dynamic IP replaces yours. There is also a free trial and a 5 day money back guarantee and there are no bandwidth limits. Visit Strong VPN


Torrent Privacy VPN

It creates a tunnel between your device and a remote server that is undetectable by most spyware. With servers in the Netherlands, USA and Sweden; you have the liberty to select the server you want to use although you can automatically be assigned to any. This VPN focuses on encryption and high speeds for a safe and efficient online session. Visit Torrent Privacy VPN