Top Online Pharmacies (UK)

The internet has made it possible to consult with a doctor and get a prescription without meeting with them face to face. It has completely changed the face of healthcare and online pharmacies are thriving because they offer a wide range of options to those in need of medication. The anonymity is also important as it reduces the stigma related to getting to see a doctor when plagued by some ailments deemed embarrassing. It must be understood however that not all online pharmacies are real, if they aren’t regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council then avoid them because you might be getting fake medicine. Here is a list of the top rated genuine online pharmacies to help you get well.

Boots not only provides prescription services but is an all-in-one pharmacist offering a variety of products inclusing; beauty products, skin care, make up, fragrances, advice and tips to look good and toiletries. The majority of the drugs sold do not require prescriptions, but rather are over the counter medicines to alleviate discomfort like rashes, colds, incontinence, allergies, vaccines and sexual health. There are multiple offers, Christmas discounts and clearance sales of some of the products on offer. Visit

Three easy steps to your medication; know what’s ailing you, get a free consultation by completing an online questionnaire and checkout from the store with the medicine that has been recommended. Payment can be done by invoice 14 days after receiving your medication. This pharmacy is fully regulated and offers expert advice on hair loss, weight loss, sexual health and how to overcome addiction like smoking. Delivery is done the next day and it comes with free prescription from registered medical personnel. Visit

Started in 1999 and contracted by the National Health Service to offer consultation and prescription; this online pharmacy is fully regulated and gives private prescription to both over the counter drugs and other regulated medicines. Transactions and doctor consultations are discreet and private; the prices are low and reasonable while delivery is fast. You can get contraceptive pills, medication for erectile dysfunction, weight loss, migraines and creams for rashes. Delivery is free for any purchase above £40. Visit

Chemist direct sells a wide range of medicines, including controlled medicines like Xanax and Valium to control anxiety, pain medication, skincare, vitamins, fragrances and medication for colds and flu. All medicine is sourced from the UK and you can have your NHS repeat prescriptions delivered from this store. This online pharmacy lets you search by product or the condition you have and all deliveries above £40 are free. The drugs are cheap and the site is secure to ensure privacy. Visit

An online doctor and pharmacy, this site lets you choose the treatment you want, then offers free consultation and fast express next day delivery of your medication. Qualified doctors review the mandatory questionnaire, then issue a private prescription for the medication you need. They are registered; give authentic medication at low prices and all sessions are discreet and confidential. Visit

The ailments that this online pharmacy provides medication for are grouped into three broad categories; general health, beauty products and specific concerns like anemia, diabetes, digestion, stress, weight loss and the likes. They have a 24 hour phone support team and are fast and efficient in diagnosing and dispatching the necessary medication to you. Operational since 2000, they now not only deliver to the UK alone but worldwide. Payment is secure and all consultations are private and confidential. Visit

This online pharmacy serves England only and they offer free delivery of NHS repeat prescription medicines. Just send the address you want your medicine delivered at and it will be there within a day. They also sell fragrances, skin care products, hair loss products, skin and dental products. All orders above £35 are delivered free on the next day if the order is placed before 8pm. You can shop by category, wait a while to consult a doctor and get the best advice on how to manage the condition you have. Visit

Are you looking for competitive prices in the market for your dose? Fast delivery to your door and a huge choice and array of all the drugs you need, whether vitamins, sexual health, dental products, flu and common cold or skin care products? This online pharmacy has you covered. You are guaranteed of confidentiality when discussing your medical issues online and liaising with a doctor from the comfort of your home not only saves money but also time. Repeat customers get great discounts and refunds are prompt if the medication fails. Visit

The Oxford pharmacy offers fantastic services, great prices on medicine and stock a wide range of branded and unbranded medicine. The payment is hassle free and you get an online prescription with every purchase. They also stock over the counter drugs like pain killers, cold sore treatments and DIY STD test kits. Being a pharmacy that was founded in 1925, they have the experience and expertise passed down the years on how to manage ailments and conditions. Visit

No prescription? No problem, with an online doctor at your service for consultation; you get the best advice on what medicine to use for your condition. Medication available is for foot care, stomach and bowel problems, headaches, skin care, dental care; baby products, sexual health and even health equipment like pressure monitors and thermometers are available at this online pharmacy. You can also get the world’s leading branded beauty products like creams and lotions in this online store and delivery is free and fast. Visit

Clear chemist gives the best prices for medicinal products in the UK. Delivery is free for any purchase above £35 as long as it’s less than 2kgs. All consultations are done privately and deliveries are packaged discreetly to ensure privacy. They have deals depending on the season like men’s health products get a discount in November because it is the prostate cancer awareness month. Visit

Do you need powerful painkillers? Make sexual vigor enhancement pills, condoms, toiletries, fragrances and a wide array of prescription medicine at discounted prices? Then this online pharmacy has you covered and it delivers free any purchase that surpasses £40. They also stock beauty products, fragrances, vitamins, electrical equipment to monitor health and Afro products. Visit


Always remember to confirm that the online pharmacy you are buying your medicine for being fully compliant with the regulations. Check if it has a registered pharmacist and be wary of a super bargain.