Top Online Dating Websites

Fact is, people are spending more time online and all the traditional ways of meeting people are slowly dying. Finding a good dating site can help you meet many prospective singles with little effort. With the internet becoming a part of our life; you can no longer ignore its potential in helping you find love. Here is a list of dating sites we have compiled to help you meet that special someone.

Being one of the largest dating websites in the world and popular in the UK; has millions of members and lots of success stories about people finding their soul mates. Advanced search metrics are used to sift through the many profiles but, members still get many options to choose from. A personality test is carried out to narrow the search and find the perfect matches. Visit

Started off via Facebook as a page where members could share their romantic journeys and ideas, and now its a dating site with a unique approach to meeting available singles. They have a matchmaking feature that finds compatible partners for you by narrowing the search based on preferences. A small subscription fee is charged. Visit

Meant for those looking for a serious connection that can lead to a fantastic union, a dating site for professionals around the world who now want to settle. With a 5 million strong membership of men and women over 30; this site helps the busy people in society get to meet like minded partners. Visit

For those aged 26-65 with some time to spare answering many questions regarding personality and preferences, here is a perfect dating website for you. The answers are fed into a complicated love algorithm that will help you pick out the right partner. You are just a couple of clicks away from finding a date. Visit

A free online dating platform to chat, flirt, meet and have fun with other singles in the US, UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. This site has no hidden costs and will help you find the companionship that has been elusive to you. Visit

One of the fastest growing dating sites in the UK that uses scientific methods to find you a compatible mate. These methods have been proven to lead to long term relationships as they focus on the foundations of a good union like character, values and intellect. Visit

Looking for a casual encounter with attractive individuals out to have fun then be ready for flirty and sexy interactions. For a small fee, you get access to a naughty chat room that lets you post even nude pictures. This is the site for those looking for a warm body and something casual and fun that won’t last. The chat rooms have different themes based on your preferences and fetishes. Visit

TV star Sarah Beeny thought it was an awesome idea to have your dating profile written not by you but by your friends. You open an account with your friends and it is they who update your profile. This leads to fun and exciting profiles from people who care for you and want to see you get a partner. Visit

A subsidiary of but only open to members from Europe, for local singles looking to hookup; you are able to search members based on what you like in a partner be it height, age, religion and other parameters. This site is free of charge and has many available singles that you can ask out on a date. Visit

The idea behind this dating site is; because it is hard to write about yourself without exaggerating or being awkward with your profile so why not write about your ideal partner? This way, other prospective singles see if they meet the criteria before contacting you. Visit

Another fast growing dating site in the UK that uses scientific methods to find the right match for you. You get to meet many local singles in your area with personalities that can match with yours and there is an online psychometric testing to help in finding you the right match. Visit

The biggest Jewish dating site in the world with fantastic self deprecating personal descriptions. You get to meet and email available singles from all over the world free of charge and no credit card information is required. Visit

Welcome to a discreet dating site where your personal info isn’t displayed for all to see. As the name suggests this dating site is for those already in relationships, but looking to add a little extra spice in their lives by having something extra. You can even meet someone to invite to your home for a three-way session with your partner if that is your thing. Visit

For many who are afraid to come out openly; here is a site to meet those who are proud to be queer. They have a broad reach of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual sites and also promote art, business and fashion by their members. They also organize colorful parties for their members and any other interested individuals. Visit

As one of the fastest growing and number one free dating site for Christians; all that is required is a short profile and you get to meet lots of Christian singles in chat rooms or via private email. There is an internal email system that allows members to contact those they are interested in while keeping their identity private until you are sure of giving out personal information. Visit

Dating is not just for the young and this is an interactive, enjoyable and safe dating platform for the fastest growing niche which is the seniors. You have to be over 50 and members have to be validated first, you are never too old to find someone to have fun with. The site will scout and browse through the list of members regularly and send you updates on available matches. Visit

This site was created to find Indians find love, that was the objective when it first started, but it also allows anyone to open a profile and meet handsome and beautiful Indians all over the world. Visit

On this site, you have the opportunity to view other people’s profile when you search on the site. You can then send them a message to their username on the site. The message sent will go to the recipient’s email address using your username and not your name or email address. This way, your privacy and that of other people will be protected. Anyone can create a profile and become a member but only the paying subscribers can send a message. Visit

This is the best site for professionals who are looking for long term relationships. There is a test of compatibility using psychometric analysis on the potential suitors. The functionality of the sites is restricted since it’s made to help people get their long time marriage partners. It’s not suitable for those people whose intention is to flirt. Members of the site have almost the same level of education and incomes. Visit

This is one of the site that claims that it doesn’t have any unattractive members. It’s infamously known for deleting member who gain weight. There is a peer vote that an aspiring member has to pass within two days so that they can be accepted as the “beautiful people”. They organize regular events for their members and one has to be as cute as their profile picture. If they think that you are not beautiful, they will not allow you to get into the event. Visit

Unlike other sites that allow other activities such as playing games, messaging people online and stuck chatting with people they have never met or even had a date with, this site addresses this anomaly. They ensure the essential basics without compromising their functionality. Visit

This is the best site for people who are looking for a causal relationship with no sleaziness that is common with most of the dating sites that you will come across. This site tends to attract educated people who just want to have fun. It also attracts people who are looking for a certain quality in the partner fast. If you are looking for a fast intimate contact, this definitely the place to look for it. Visit

It’s termed as the largest online dating site with over twenty million registered subscribers who come from six continents. They ensure that you get the right partner using a personality check and a search mechanism. This way, they will be able to reduce the chances that you can get lost in your quest to find the right love partner. Also, using some specific search criteria, you can be able to browse the profile for other members. Visit

As the site name suggests, it’s made up of ambitious and educated people who are busy and are looking for a relationship. The educated people are mostly looking for more than just a one-night stand. It’s for people who want a relationship that has a meaning and has depth. They use a personality check that assists in matching intellectual who are like minded. This is nothing out of the ordinary but is geared towards matching of interests and not the personalities as most of the other dating sites do. This makes the site stand out from other dating sites. Visit

This site has a messaging system that is simple for their users to use and still is efficient in its functions. It offers specialized services to its members with an easy to set up a profile that is highly integrated with some matching technology. There are numerous searching functions on this site that makes it stand out from the rest. It enables the user to enjoy the site fully without having an app as opposed to other sites that have a fully dedicated app. Visit

This site is operated by Venntro media and targets seniors who are single and are above the age of forty years. It focuses its effort to the UK senior citizen who are looking for a serious long term relationship. It has a small membership but it provides a unique kind of online dating services than other dating sites that you will come across. Visit

Established in 2003, this site has over two million members and is geared toward bringing people with like minds together. It’s best suited for people who are tired of being single and want to have romance, friendship, fun or a long term relationship. The site offers a good search strategy that will help you increase the chances of meeting the right person. The ways are enjoyable and useful in your quest for the special partner. Visit

Although this site is primarily made for people within the UK, it’s possible to search for singles all over the world. The site is intended to help professionals in ‘uniformed’ jobs like doctors, garbage collectors engineers to find love. The reason for this is because most ‘uniformed’ job holders work in shifts and the site will come in handy in getting a person who understands this hectic lifestyle. Visit


Sugardaddie.comWatch Full

Established in 2002, this was the first site to bring out the concept of matching rich people who are single. It has been featured in many TV shows like Dr. Phil Show, WB 11WPIX news and the Richard and Judy show in the United Kingdom. This makes it one of the most popular dating sites in the world. It’s popular for millionaires dating and sugar daddies. Visit

The site has been featured in the news on many occasions due to its controversial motor that is “Life is short. Have an affair”. This makes many people to subscribe to the site. By January 2010, it had 5.2 million subscriptions according to their index page. This could be due to the fact that signing up is easy and one doesn’t have to create a profile. Members only need to answer a few questions correctly. Visit

The site was established to help single people who are serious and finding a meaningful relationship to get the right matches. It has the same creator as the and it’s a unique site due to its matchmaking system that is based on compatibility and science. This makes it one of its kind. Visit


When all is said and done, dating websites are bridging the gap when it comes to meeting potential partners and have helped many find love and happiness. But as usual, there may be some jokers that you need to avoid, when meeting people for the first time always do it at a public place. Be safe, be happy and have fun.