Top Online Computer Stores

Most people visiting an online electronic store are either looking for a TV, a tablet or a laptop. Online computer stores are preferred due to the wide array of options, ability to customize a product and their low prices when compared to physical stores. They also carry a host of options that are not on display in the normal brick and mortar stores. If you want to get the best service and price: consider this; instead of having the items shipped to your location, look up the available pickup point that is nearest to you. This way, you avoid being charged shipping costs and if there is an issue with the item bought, you take it back to the pickup point instead of shipping it back to the online store warehouse at your own cost. Here is a list of some of the top computer stores in the US.
When it comes to variety, no store offers anything close to Amazon, the broad array of laptops, tablets and desktops at discounted prices coupled by the easy navigation and search is what makes this store among the best. Reviews on the items are also mostly genuine because only those who have purchased an item can review. They also stock a wide range of computer accessories and software and accept many payment options. Order fulfillment is done in the quickest time possible depending on the buyer’s location and the salespeople have a wide range of knowledge on laptops to help you make the right choice. Visit
One of the leading online marketplaces in the world has many options for buyers and sellers. Their electronics section has all the top brands, customizable laptops and desktops, computer accessories like mice, speakers and monitors. The discounts are huge and there is a money back guarantee if the goods bought are returned after an agreed number of days. Navigation through this site is smooth and easy and nearly all online payment options are accepted including Bitcoin. Visit



Microsoft a tech giant and their site helps you find the perfect PC to suit your needs, the right software by the Microsoft team and also Xbox gaming consoles. Software sold on this site has a 90 day evaluation period and delivery of items bought at this store take a maximum of two days and buyers have a guarantee that whatever they are purchasing is genuine. Visit Microsoft
Renowned worldwide for its phones, fridges and other home appliances, Samsung has in recent years been making inroads in the computer market that is dominated by its competitors. This online store is easy to navigate and offers all products from this South Korean company. Shipping is free in the US and there are lots of computer related accessories like printers and mice in their catalogue. Despite the recent issues with exploding phone batteries, all computers sold by this store are safe and really great performance wise. Visit
A reputable online computer store that offers all top brand computer and accessories at reduced prices, you can even add some features on the gadget you aim to purchase so it can suit all your needs. The search tab really helps buyers find what they are looking for as it picks up any keywords. Newegg sells over 26 million items and offers financing options for all purchases above $499. There are great benefits for those who subscribe to premier membership, these include further discounts, seasonal deals and being first to know when clearance sales are being made. Visit
The aim of this online store is to revolutionize the way you think about tech. With laptops, desktops, phones and tablets in their portfolio; there is something for everyone. Lenovo computers are built with business in mind; they have an eloquent style and have high performance. Multiple payment options are available, the checkout is fast and delivery takes up to two days. Visitors to this site should check out the daily deals to get the best discounts and customer support is available 24/7. Visit
Being one of the industry leaders when it comes in designing and producing computers; the Dell online store sells everything made by the company as well as software from partners. There are monitors, laptops, printers and many other accessories related to work and home use. Buying in bulk for the purpose of reselling gives the best discounts, tech support is also offered for free to those who purchased computers from this store. Visit
The Hewlett Packard online store is dedicated to showcasing the innovative designs by this industry heavyweight. It has tablets, laptops, desktops, cameras and printers. They also showcase how to use some of the pre installed HP software in their gadgets. Ordering is easy, checkout is fast and the prices are really low when you buy multiple items. Delivery around the US is free and takes 2 days max. Visit
This store offers creative and productive gadgets to spice up your daily life. There are mice and keyboards, speakers, video output screens, phones and gaming laptop and desktops. They offer a free email subscription service that gives its loyal customers lots of offers and deals for select stores. All the top brands in the computer industry can be found in this marketplace and one can also purchase gift cards. Visit
Acer caters for all; designers, gamers, home and work use and entertainment. All their products like tablets, laptops and HD screens have sleek designs and innovative features that have a wow factor. The site offers multiple deals, a pre Christmas offer that gives up to 35% discount on select items is something to look forward to. Their gaming laptops have started to shake up the gaming world and the range on Chromebooks in the store is growing. Checkout is fast, delivery within 2 days and buyers can track their orders at any time. Visit
An partner; this online store fulfills orders on behalf of Amazon, but also sells items on its own. They have everything you are looking for when it comes to computers and if the item isn’t available, they will ask you to wait as they seek it. The deals on this store are huge; apart from stocking on all the top computer brand items, they also sell their own line of assembled and customizable PCs and laptops. All home appliances can also be bought in this store making it a one stop shop for all electronic needs. Visit
This is an all round online store that sells printers, electronics and all types of computers. Their printer collection is huge as well as the options they give buyers looking for laptops or desktops. Their affiliate program also rewards those who recommend their friends to buy from the store by giving them further discounts. Visit
Let’s face it, you may at times need a certain computer or accessory, but you don’t have the money to buy it. This site offers cheap refurbished laptops and desktops with a one year free warranty. Although refurbished, they are as good as new and half or even less the price. They also install genuine software and only have good reviews from satisfied customers. It is the thrift shop for computers, only this time they have been repaired and work perfectly. Visit
Looking for anything related to computing? Do you live in Canada or the US? This store is just right for you, they have networking equipment, electronics, tablets, software, desktops and many other accessories. You can customize your desktop or laptop online and have it delivered just as you want it, throw in extra RAM, hard disk space, a graphics card or a unique casing that you designed. With over 1 million subscribers, a dedicated customer support team and amazing deals, this online store has it all. Visit
If you are looking for well maintained and serviced second hand Mac laptops and desktops this you need to try this marketplace. Subscribers can buy and sell their old Apple products and buyers are protected by a return policy if the item bought isn’t up to standard. They offer some really sweet deals; second hand laptops can be as good as new if they get serviced by professionals. Visit
What was once the go to spot for all electronic appliances and computers has now slowly downgraded in quality over the years, the number of items sold has gone down, complaints have risen while delivery has stalled. You can still get a good deal when the website is up, but there are no guarantees. Visit