Top Internet Security Software

Internet security is an important aspect for all internet users. Everyone needs to be secure so that they will not lose data or private information due to virus or unauthorized access. One can never be too careful when it comes to their security and that is why there are so many internet security software that have been designed to offer the much needed security. Below are some of these vital internet security suites.


AVG Internet Security

This not one of the best software in terms of malware protection as it lacks essential feature that are included by the highly ranked internet security software. However, AVG offers a data safe where you can protect your files with a password and file shredder that helps to remove permanently deleted files. AVG has a high impact on your computer making it slow but it’s excellent in threat protection. Visit AVG Internet Security


Bitdefender Internet Security

When you are looking for performance and feature list, this is the suite to choose. It offers the best internet security since it has a cloud antispam that prevent attacks by email spam and has a parental control that aids in the enhancement of the children safety when they are online. It has a firewall but it’s not the best when it comes to independence. This doesn’t mean that you should be worried about it since it can work with windows firewall which has advanced to a 2-way firewall. To set itself apart from the competitor, Bitdefender has a 24/7 support for their customers. Visit Bitdefender Internet Security


Kaspersky Internet Security

This is a software that protects the computer from real time malware attacks that includes phishing and identity theft. In addition, this is the best for people who make online transactions as it secures those financial transitions that you make online. Kaspersky has small updates that have less effect on your computer speed as it updates very often. In independent software evaluation, this is one of the most effective software as tests show that it has 100% effectiveness in all kinds of computer threats. For your personal computer at home and the smooth computer running, this the antivirus software that is recommended. Visit Kaspersky Internet Security


McAfee Internet Security

It’s ranked high in this list of security suite due to the feature that it provides. These features include parental control, file shredder, password management, firewall and an antiphishing capability. McAfee is one of the suites that have a high threat and malware detection. The software is recommended for people who don’t need an online backup feature and are only interested in the advanced features and performance. Visit McAfee Internet Security


G-Data Internet Security

This is ranked high in this ranking due to its features and performance though some of the other competitor software have additional features. It doesn’t offer the automatic scan for a removable media and it doesn’t offer the password management features. G-data offers technician support to its customer 24/7 and they much easier to access than their competitors. Visit G-Data Internet Security


Norton Internet Security

This one of the internet security suite that has a backup which helps people with online accounts to protect up to five devices using the same license. It’s included in this review because a test that was carried by an independent software lab showed that it’s perfect for protection and usability. Additionally, Norton system performance impact is minimal and with the feature level that it has, the end user can be assured of the best protection from malware and computer threats. Visit Norton Internet Security


Trend Micro Internet Security

This internet security suite has the capability to detect malware attacks from different sources. That is why it has been ranked high in this review. Also, the impact it has on computer resources is minimal than any other software on the market. Visit Trend Internet Security


Bullguard Internet Security

For people who don’t put much importance on password management and file shredder features, this is the best software to go for. When you are looking for a software with the best performance, help, features and support, Bullguard will come in handy. They are committed to assisting their customers. Also, in terms of usability, protection, performance and feature list, not many competitor’s suites can come close to it. Visit Bullguard Internet Security


ESET Smart Security

ESET Smart Security is in our review of the best internet security software for its comprehensive antivirus protection, antiphishing and additional security feature set. It performs well in independent test labs, although it doesn’t quite match the results of the best internet security suites. This is especially true in performance, where results show ESET causes more slowing of your computer than many of its competitors. Visit ESET Smart Security


Escan Internet Security

This suite may not have the file shred features like many of its competitors but it has a high threat detection rate than most of them. It also has a 24-hour chat feature for customer help and support which makes it easy to get help in resolving some problem that you may encounter. Visit Escan Internet Security


F-secure Internet Security

In terms of malware detection and removal, this one of the most effective software there is in internet security. It removes the old and the new threats that may attack your computer. This is done by a close observation of a file to check whether they have the behaviors of a malicious file. It has fewer features than its competitor but it’s excellent in malware protection. Visit F-secure Internet Security


Avira Internet Security

This software has minimal impact on the computer performance and has an undoubtable capability to detect and remove malicious file and protect against malware though it has fewer features than the competitors. For Americans who are considering this as their ideal suite for their internet protection, you should know that it has less features that are associated with internet security and to call them would be a problem since you have to make a call to Europe if you encounter a problem that cannot be solved through the email. Visit Avira Internet Security


ZoneAlarm Internet Security

This a good internet security suite that has a good performance and has some useful security feature that will help you keep off malware from your computer. It’s ranked higher due to its performance. Visit ZoneAlarm Internet Security


Avast Internet Security

Avast ranked out of the top ten internet security during an independent software test although it did not fall below the average. It lacks some few features that are essential for internet security. Its performance is good but the user has to consider whether they will be contented with a software that lacks features like parental control or password manager. Visit Avast Internet Security


Panda Internet Security

When you are looking for a software with a good record for detection of malware, this is the one you should consider. It has vital tools to protect your personal computer from malware. An independent test report showed that panda rivals the best in the market but it makes your computer slow. The features that makes it to rival the best are, remote computer access, restoration tools and backup which are included in only the top 10 internet security suite. Visit Panda Internet Security



As platinum rated, it removes spyware that other anti-viruses cannot detect. It is also effective in removing hijacked search toolbars and can be installed on all the latest operating systems. SpyHunter is one of the best anti malware and spyware software currently in the market and is very effective with regular updates from the developers; Enigma Software. Visit SpyHunter