Top Hotel Booking Sites


If you’re on the lookout for the best hotel booking sites, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve reviewed some of the very best sites out there to help you find the best online hotel deals and save time and money. Whether you are looking for a traditional hotel room or something more specialized, at home or abroad, you should be able to find what you need with our guide to the best hotel booking sites online.


Be sure to take a look at the reviews left by other visitors and feel free to leave your own ratings if you have used any of the sites listed below:

A world renowned travel website that operates in over 175 countries finding the best deals on food, rooms and transport. There are no charges for customers to book via the site and the user friendly site offers many options with a dedicated 24hs customer support. After using the site, customers can review the locations they have been in. This ensures all reviews are honest and potential travelers know what to expect. Visit has more than 9000 destinations worldwide with a selection of 55,000 hotels. Direct contracts with hoteliers enables to offer competetive rates and great availability. The FivePlus loyalty program is really cool if you travel fairly often, or take a long trip. You can very quickly rack up enough “FivePlus credits” to earn a free hotel night.   Every time you book a hotel on, you get “FivePlus credits” equal to 5% of the hotel rate.  Visit


Trivago is the worlds biggest hotel search site with more than 120 million monthly searches. This hotel comparison site provides more than 1 million hotels from 250 booking sites for astonishing variety. Actual customer reviews supply additional strokes for consumers to paint a clear picture of the amenities and experience hotels offer. Visit


Trip Advisor

Definitely one of the most popular hotel review sites in the world, by allowing millions of amateur and professional reviews; new clients can search for vacation rentals and sift through the thousands of options based on the reviews submitted. Trip advisor lets you find the most value for vacations, conferences and bed & breakfast. The only downside is that anyone can make a review and some hotel have fake reviews to lure in new clients. What is unique about this site is that marketers can promote their business via videos free of charge and customers can then check pricing details from the promoted destinations. Visit OR Visit

With thousands of properties which are updated daily; this site lets you find awesome last minute deals with huge bargains. There are bed and breakfast bookings, condos and hotel rooms on offer. There is also a reward scheme where every ten bookings get you one free. With this site; you are guaranteed on great deals because hotels would rather sell occupancy in advance at a lower price rather than take chances with no bookings at all. Visit OR Visit UK

A leading travel company that has a mobile app that lets you compare prices, check listings and book vacation packages that include occupancy, flights, car rentals and other amenities. The app lets you see the map of the place you are visiting with all the nearby attractions and also offers pictures of the rooms you will be staying at together with hotel policies. By offering the best deals, travelers are cushioned from high prices and unexpected hikes when they book early. Visit

This site allows travelers to combine services from the different travel websites so as to get the most affordable deal, you can book flight tickets from one site, get hotel bookings from another, and all this is managed from this platform. They are negotiators that will help you get the best package, the only downside is they do not tell which hotels you will be staying at until you have paid. Car rentals are also under their portfolio. Visit

When on budget constraints and you still need to travel this is a good site to begin with, they offer the lowest price and a price range of accommodation in hotels near the location you are visiting. All the locations in their portfolio have a star rating feature for guests to give feedback, you get the accommodation type, multi room listings which also state if the amenities cater for those with sight and hearing impairments as well as other disabilities. Visit

Another popular travel website that is available worldwide in over 37 languages; they offer fantastic value for money especially when making group bookings. With multiple discounts and numerous partners worldwide, this site assures travelers that they can afford to visit new places on any budget. Repeat customers get reward points which can be redeemed for even further discounts of free air tickets or hotel bookings. Visit

Available in over 30 countries and available in 18 languages, this site scours the numerous travel related sites to find you ideal travel dates and ticket prices. They also have the weather conditions of the place you intend to visit and you can book your ticket via the site or use the price predictor to determine the price range. You can buy the ticket or wait for the prices to drop, these can be round tickets or return tickets. It also allows for hotel bookings with numerous options to choose from. Visit OR Visit

An online traveling site that offers the best rental deals on cars by partnering with eight of the biggest car rental services like Hertz and Alamo. They also offer great deals on flights, including chartered flights and have partners who will handle hotel booking on your behalf. The system on this site is simple, you pay, then get a listing of hot deals on car rentals, flights and hotels which you then book. Though mainly based in the US and Canada, they still offer deals worldwide for travelers. Visit

Registering to use this travel site gives you a $25 discount on any travel package that you book. These packages include cruises, voyages, hotel, flights and tours. Customers also get travel tips and maps to all the cool hotspots near where they will be staying. Expedia is based mainly in America and Europe and offers a great variety with over a million flight options based on your budget. Visit OR Visit

Are you traveling to India? This site is dedicated to all the attractions in this Asian country. It is the industry leader and offer all the niceties with daily deals on flights and accommodation. You can book hour by hour activities and there are partners to ensure all preferences stated are fulfilled. With over 20 office locations in India and 2 in America, customers are promised of a good time when they visit. Visit

As the name suggests, this travel site is dedicated to finding you the most affordable air tickets. Boasting of access to over 450 airlines, easy booking and 24/7 customer support; you will get discounted ticket prices and affordable, inexpensive travel packages to anywhere in the world. Visit

If you forgot to book your accommodation in advance here is a site dedicated just for you. With huge discounts of up to 50%; there are secret hotels and flights that only get revealed once you have paid. You get to build an inexpensive overseas flight plan with local airlines or cheap round trip flights. Be prepared for a surprise when it comes to hotel room booking because they only get revealed once you have paid. Visit

If you are traveling alone or with a friend or two; you can save a lot by booking hostel accommodation. They have lists of even the tiniest inns that have occupancy and have great deals on flights too. With this site travel needs not be something that dents your finances. Visit OR Visit

An online directory serving over 190 countries and offering accommodation in great hotels at unbeatable prices. With over 2 million subscribers, guaranteed money backs if you change your mind, this site helps you plan your holidays. You book; pay and they will take care of all other aspects on your behalf. Visit

Momomdo is a travelers paradise that helps its subscribers get cheap flights, value for money and embrace diversity by directing you to hidden world gems. They also cater for hotel bookings, car hire and have a trip finder feature that offers suggestions on where to travel, festivals to attend around the world etc. Visit

Easy voyage is a site dedicated to helping you realize your travel dreams, they cater for all aspects of traveling and vacationing including flights, car hire, hotels and ski trips. They also have plans for weekends that hook up their subscribers on entertainment events near them and pre book the tickets on your behalf giving and you get huge discounts. Visit



400 locations worldwide, outstanding architecture, amazing service and exceptional comfort describe this hotel that is part of the Wyndham Group. Reward points from any of the upscale properties this group owns can be redeemed here. They cater for both budget travelers and high end clientele via their different packages. Visit OR

Hotels click is a site that allows you to make bookings on the many hotels that have signed up with it. They offer great deals and tips on how to maintain your budget and go on holiday without denting your finances. They also have offers on car rentals, flights, yachts and other fully furnished apartments to be rented out for a short period of time. They find great deals for their subscribers from hotels around the world for a small fee paid by the hotels you book via them. Visit

Tripsta is an online travel agency site that offers cheap flights all around the world and gives great discounts if you book early with them. The site helps you plan for your holidays by getting the best seats at the cheapest prices. They also link you up with some of the world’s best hotels. Visit


For all travel enthusiasts; there is nothing better than visiting a new place and getting to sample local life and delicacies. To get the best, plan early and book early to get the best deals. Some sites even allow for partial payments when booking in advance.